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  1- Investigatıon Of High School Students’ Value Orientations In Terms Of Socio-Demographic Variables

  2- Perceptions Of Counselors About Occupational Ethics: Investigation On Special Workers

  3- The Effects Of Adjustment Enhancıng Group Guıdance On Socıal Anxıety And Emotıonal Self-Effıcacy Levels Of Adolescents

  4- The Relation Between Tendency To Violence And The Level Of School Engagement

  5- The Relation Between Counselors’ Effective Characteristics And Counseling Self-Efficacy Levels

  6- Trainee Psychological Counselors Understanding Of Ethics

  7- The Relationship Between Individual Innovativeness And Psychological Well-Being: The Example Of Turkish Counselor Trainees

  8- Problem Behavıours Seen In Early Chıldhood: The Teachers’ Consıderatıon

  9- Investıgatıon Of The Mental Symptoms And Emotıonal Self-Effıcacy Levels Of Adolescents

 10- The Effect Of Psychological Well-Being, Psychological Help-Seeking Attitudes And Self-Esteem On Psychological Counselor Candidates’ Psychological Symptoms

 11- Investigation Of The Relationship Between Problematic İnternet Use And Psychological Symptoms Of Science High School Students

 12- The Effects Of The Psycho-Educatıon Program Of Emotıonal Awareness And Expressıon On The Counselor Traınees’ Selfcompassıon Levels

 13- The Problems Faced In The Process Of Adaptıng The Unıversıty Lıfe And The Ways Of Dealıng Wıth These Problems

 14- Creatıvıty, Entrepreneurshıp And Psychologıcal Counselıng

 15- Investigation Of Problematic Internet Use İn Terms Of Familial Variables

 16- A Pathway To Happiness: Cognitive Flexibility

 17- Investigation Of Relationship Between Problematic İnternet Use And Psychological Symptoms Of University Students

 18- Relations Between Problematic Internet Usage And Adaptation To College Life

 19- Beliefs Of Counselor Trainees About Forgiveness

 20- Linking Emotional Intelligence And Learned Resourcefulness In Teacher Trainees

 21- The Contributions And Needs Of Elementary School Counselors About Career Counseling

 22- A Scale Developing To Assess Effective Counselor Characteristics

 23- The Effects Of Socıoeconomıc Status And Gender Besıdes The Predıctıve Effect Of Self-Effıcacy On Lıfe Satısfactıon In Adolescence

 24- The Standardization Study Of The Pathways To Inflated Responsibility Beliefs Scale

 25- The Relation Between Self-Esteem And Social Anxiety Levels Of Adolescents And The Effects Of Personal Variables

 26- The Investigation Of Self-Efficacy Levels And Family Functions Of Teacher Trainees

 27- The Investıgatıon Of Self-Compassıon And Emotıonal Intellıgence On Teacher Traınees

 28- Self Perceptions About Properties Effecting Assertiveness Of Trainee Counselors

 29- The Effect Of Counseling Skills Training On Counselors’ Empathic Tendency, Empathic Skill And Burnout Levels

 30- The Relationship Between Multiple Intelligences And Academic Achievements Of Second Grade Students

 31- The Investigation Of The Burnout Levels Of The Counselors

 32- Perceived Social Support And Self-Esteem İn Adolescence

 33- Investigation Of Emotional Intelligence And Life Satisfaction İn Secondary School Students

 34- The Adatatıon Of The Emotıonal Self-Effıcacy Scale To Turkısh Unıvesıty Students And The Examınatıon Of The Psychometrıc Characterıstıcs Of Its Structure In One And Four Factors

 35- Investigation Of Empathy Levels Of The Psychological Counselors Who Work In The Elementary Schools

 36- Investigation Of Counselor Empathy With Respect To Safe Schools

 37- Investigation Of Psychological Counseling And Guidance For Students Who Are Studying İn Undergraduate And Graduate Programs In Terms Of Thinking Styles And Self-Esteem In Terms Of Different Variables

38- Investigation Of Relationship Between Problematic Internet Use and Psychological Symptoms Of University Students






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